HeartBleed Threat


By now i’m sure you have heard of the dangers of the heartbleed security hole in the openSSL protocol that a lot of websites use to secure your connection to their website. Thankfully a lot of them have dealt with it. but for every one who has dealt with it there may be two or more websites out there that still don’t know they have the problem. In this cynical time we suggest you change all of your passwords immediately.

Using a password manager such as Lastpass or dashlane are super helpful in keeping all of your passwords different and complicated enough that no one can crack it. The concept is that you hold on to a good long “master password” that no one knows about. When you want to log in to Youtube it will prompt you for your master password. Once you put that in it will fill in your youtube username and password for you.

Please do not take this lightly. Deal with it in the best way you know how. As always stay away from flaky looking websites and don’t give out your passwords to suspicious websites or people on the phone.