Giving Away a Computer for Less Fortunate

In the spirit of giving this holiday season we are giving away a computer. To apply for this opportunity please send us a message on our Contact form on this site or send us a Facebook message. Please explain your need and how you would benefit from this computer.  Happy Holidays from Aloha PC

Crypto Locker Virus

Crypto Locker Virus Screenshot

Here is a virus we have seen here in the shop recently. This is the nastiest one we have seen in quite some time. It behaves similarly to the Moneypak Virus (holds your computer for ransom). This one locks all the files on your computer then demands you pay hundreds of dollars to regain access to them. We have a fix. So if you find yourself on this unfortunate situation contact us or stop in and we will get you fixed up

Xbox One

Xbox One

As the Xbox One draws closer we talked to a good friend and gamer(Zach Smalley) and asked him what he thinks about the new console. Here is what he said.

Innovation, reconstruction, and compatibility.The three leading words it seems for companies creating consoles. Lets work through those words and how they apply. So, Innovation; they will be bringing in new capabilities and maybe even adding things that aren’t realistic even though we’re technologically advanced. There was word of “4k Graphics”, which are supposedly around 4 times the quality of 1080p video. The average Hi-def TV show and live sport channel tops out at 720p and the same goes for video games. Not to mention 4k files are massive, the average movie of that quality rounds to about 100 gigs. Reconstruction: With hardware upgrades and switch-outs, there will be pros and cons. The Blu-ray player will be a definite pro, as for a con, the only visual output will be HDMI. Eliminating Component and analog. It’s drastic compared with the PlayStation 4 which will still have the analog and component video options. Compatibility and all its controversy have been covered quite a bit. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions with that.

More details and a list of specs found here: .

Cory’s Custom Controllers

We have a good friend of ours come in every once and a while and show off his beautiful creations. Right now he mods Playstation controllers only. With the right incentive (your requests) He could also Mod your Xbox 360 controllers. Here is a picture of the amazing work he has done in the past. If you have to have one, stop in or give us a jingle and we will get you in contact with Cory to make your dream controller!

Cory's Dream Mods

Glenn’s Trip to Germany

Glenn just got back from a near two week trip to Germany. He visited his son who is in the army and stationed in Vilseck, Germany. While he was there They enjoyed the beautiful views of the Bavarian Alps. Later they celebrated his sons birthday. His son will be deployed in Afghanistan soon so it’s great they got this time together.

here are some pictures from their adventures.


Office 365 or Office 2013?

what is the difference?

Put simply, the difference between 365 and 2013 office versions is that one is owned outright and one is rented.

Clearly anticipating confusion the Office web site includes not only a breakdown of what each of the different editions of Office 2013 includes, but also a FAQ which explains, among other things, the difference between 365 and 2013.

Does the idea of renting software sit comfortably with you, or do you view it more cynically? Let us know your opinion.

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