Urgent Message from Midco about Ransomware attack on their customers

Midco sent out a statement / Warning about a ransomware campaign being sent through their email servers. We want to make aware to all our customers and anyone in general the seriousness of ransomware and that we are available for consultation on prevention of this attack in your office. Here is the message Midco sent out earlier today.



Dear Valued Midco® Customer: Some customers with @midco.net email addresses received a suspicious email (subject line “Vigor2820” and from an email address starting with Voicemail@). This appears to be a ransomware Trojan virus that’s only being detected by 10 of the top 50 antivirus solutions. If your antivirus solution is not blocking this email, DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT and delete the message immediately. This malware will try to get users to pay to decrypt their files. It will take over your computer screen with a threat. If you have downloaded the attachment, you may lose your files, however, under no circumstance should you pay or agree to anything to get your files back. This is what the attackers want so they can carry on other malicious activities. If you have opened the attachment, we recommend:

  • Open a different browser and go to www.malwarebytes.com to download and install its free software.
  • Run a scan with Malwarebytes, which is your best bet to get rid of the program without professional IT help. Note: If your files are indeed encrypted, running this scan will not get your files back.
  • If your files are recovered, be sure to back up your files elsewhere. Then, do a complete system wipe/restore to ensure the malware is removed from the background of your system. Even if your files aren’t recovered, a system wipe may be necessary. Please consult your computer manufacturer or operating system vendor for instructions.

Our team has blocked this sender from sending new emails, and we’re actively scanning all customer inboxes to remove previously received messages. Thank you for your patience. Sincerely, Midco